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Sick of the Moffat wank. Thought it had stopped there for a while. Why do people feel the need to complain about every little thing?

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Can someone please upload The five(ish) doctors to YouTube? The only links I can find for it are all the bbc iplayer which doesn’t work over here and I’m dying to watch it! It would be muchly appreciated.

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The Night of the Doctor ~ The Day of the Doctor Prequel

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Any suggestions for a good costume? Trying to think of something to go as for Halloween. I’ve already done Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Xena, Mrs Lovett, Elphaba, a gangster, a dead maid…..there’s probably quite a few more so I’d love some suggestions please 

would anybody like to send me a link to any really good Mattex AU fics? Please! Desperate for a bit of a fix